Ordering Fioricet FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Ordering Butalbital

1. How do I order prescriptions online?

Simply fill out the order form. Our online pharmacy only deals in a limited number of non-controlled medications.

The first step is to fill out an online questionnaire. The questionnaire will be reviewed by the physician. If the patient order is approved the physician will write the prescriptions and send it to the pharmacy. The pharmacy will fill the order and mail it via U.S. Priority Mail.

Conditions that the physicians are looking for is obviously the condition of your health. Other things are the last time you had your vitals checked i.e. medical visit and whether the prescription you are ordering has been prescribed to you before.

2. Is it legal to buy prescriptions online?

Our company and our affiliate pharmacy network is committed to meeting current regulations. We only utilize licensed U.S. physicians that do their practice here in the United States. The pharmacies in the network are licensed to ship medications to those states that allow medication shipments to their state.

3. What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Credit and Debit Cards. For security purposes Credit-Debit Card information is only taken over the phone. We do this to screen fraudulent orders. We understand you may not be comfortable giving card information over the phone. Understand that we are super careful not doing business with the wrong people. These people can jeopardize our relationship with our merchant services company.

Credit-Debit Card orders will not be processed until we receive the information over the phone. When we speak with you over the phone your card will be processed in real-time using a secure third party gateway. One way to tell that we use a secure third party merchant services company is that your card will be approved or declined immediately on our end.

4. How will I know how to take my medications and possible side effects?

Each prescription includes directions on dosage and usage. For additional information click the product link.

5. When can I get a refill?

There is a 25 day waiting period between refills regardless of quantity ordered. That is something to consider when choosing your quantity. Our system only allows one specific medication per household every 25 days.

6. What is your business model?

Our preferred method of communication is email however feel free to contact us by phone or text also.

We do not call or E-mail our customers asking them if they want to refill their previous order ever! If you get a call from anyone claiming to be us to refill your order, it’s not us. Take down their information, mainly their phone number because that is probably all you’ll get and let us know. We will call only if we cannot get a hold of you via E-mail.

The following are the times we will email you, questions on an order, order status, important information about our website and to let those that were previous patients that we can ship to their state again. Regulations are constantly changing.

7. Can I return my medication for a refund?

Due to Federal Law, we cannot accept returned prescription medications. Makes sense. You wouldn’t want to buy someone else’s returned product. Please double check your order before we process your order.


1. When can I expect delivery?

The entire process typically takes 3-5 business days. We process orders within 24 hours however doctor reviews are only done on week days. Electronic shipping numbers are generated within 24 hours after the prescription is received by the pharmacy. These three processed take 1-2 business days. USPS Priority Mail takes an additional 2-3 mailing days. We email USPS Priority Mail tracking numbers as soon as we receive them from our affiliate pharmacy network.

2. Do you ship overnight?

Yes, for an additional charge of $10 we can ship USPS Priority Express. Our service includes USPS Priority Mail at no additional charge. Expect delays from the United States Post Office during the holidays and inclement weather. We only ship in the United States. We do not ship to Armed Forces bases.

 3. Why does the USPS website say my order isn’t in their system?

That’s because tracking numbers are generated electronically. The shipping department is letting the Post Office know that there is intent to deliver a package to them. Your order will not be viewable until they scan the package into their system, typically after 8:00pm EST.