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Fioricet is a headache medication approved by the FDA 1984. It uses a combination of a of 50 mg of butalbital, a barbiturate, 300-325 mg of acetaminophen, a pain reliever and 40 mg of caffeine. The acetaminophen variation depends on the old formula, 325 mg and the new formula, 300 mg. The new formula comes in capsules and the old formula comes in tablets. Fioricet is highly effective for tension, muscular contraction and post-dural puncture headaches.

As noted above there are two formulas of Fioricet. The new Fioricet formula was introduced in 2014 and was deemed a controlled prescription, meaning that it cannot be purchased online with just a simple consultation. The old formula of Fioricet is still considered a non-controlled prescription meaning that you can purchase it on our website legally. Understand the old formula is only available as a generic form of Fioricet or simply butalbital.

Generic Fiorcet manufacturers
Our affiliates dispense the following manufacturers of generic Fioricet.

Lannett LCI 1695
This medication is a medium blue round tablet with an imprint on one side reading 1695 and LCI on the other side.
Manufactured by Lannett Co Inc in Seymour, IN, USA Lannet LCI 1695

Alvogen A247
This medicine is a darker blue round pill with an imprint on one side that has an A on top and the numbers 247 below it. We seldom use this manufacturer. Alvogen Webiste

BAC 123 is a white round tablet, manufactured by Nexgen Pharma, Inc.

Watson 3369 is a white round tablet, manufactured by Westminster Pharmaceuticals

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Fortunately the network we work with is working towards new systems that will not only benefit our patients but will be a win-win for everyone. We are working to make it possible for people that may not have the time or money for a doctor visit, to continue to purchase the medications that they need legally.


Fioricet Pain Pill

Fioricet Pain Pill Prescription Drug Information: Fioricet is a sedative barbiturate, non-aspirin pain medication and caffeine mix. This relaxant and non-narcotic pain medication is often prescribed for tension headaches caused by tension and migraine. Online Order Form

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